Making the most from your Etsy business with Ecommerce

Etsy website homepage

Etsy website homepage

For creators, Etsy is a terrific platform when you are starting off. It simplifies turning your crafts and creations into a real business and revenue stream. However, the more you become established on the platform, the less value it offers you. 

Through your business on Etsy, you have built your brand and more importantly a following on Facebook, Instagram or whatever your choice of social network is. This is a connected passionate audience that you can tap into for recurring business. The more recurring business you have the less Etsy is doing to benefit your established brand and offering.

If you earn $1,000 per month, you are losing money unnecessarily

On top of this, with 3.5% transaction fees, 20c item posting fees, advertising fees and potentially more costs depending on how you set up your Etsy business, they add up quite quickly and put a large dent in your earnings. For example, If you earn $1,000 per month on Etsy you are losing money unnecessarily when compared to using an Ecommerce platform such as Shopify.

Let's not forget, Etsy has given you your start and benefited thousands of creators, but for those who have grafted and developed a career from Etsy, it's time to move on. Leverage your audience in an isolated environment where there is nothing to distract or takeaway from your offering. Thus enabling you to keep more of your hard earned money in your own pocket. 


With your own Ecommerce website, built for sales you can achieve this. Platforms like Shopify have so many Etsy sellers migrating over that there is a healthy list of Shopify apps available to simplify this migration process. There are other benefits too, such as SEO, brand awareness, cohesiveness with your other properties (Facebook Page, Email etc.) and more.

This was something we recently did for a client where they were selling crafted Easter trinkets. They benefitted from us developing a Shopify Ecommerce store for them and kept much more of their profits then they would have with a platform like Etsy.

So, if you have a successful Etsy business, but want to reap more rewards from your hard work, it's time to develop your own Ecommerce storefront. Otherwise you are just leaving so much behind unnecessarily. 

Shane Felle